Hello world! Hello Sweden! Hello Uppsala!


My name is DANIELA FERNANDA CAMPANELA and i am an Artist, Therapist, Teacher, Healer, Dreadlocks stylist and Eyebrow Master.

Just recently, while writing my management thesis for *Raison D'Etre, i had a revelation.

I have to do the things i love and love the life i live. I have all the tools to work on my dreams!

For many years i have been developing other peoples ideas and working hard to make a name in my proffesion.

Six years ago i landed in Sweden with a useless college degree and a passion for yoga, massage, reiki and energy healing.

This forced me to level up and study something new. So i became a Medical Massage Therapist and now i am a certified masseuse of the *Svensk Massage Branchråd, a Diplomated Spa Therapist through *KFI and *Elemis (from where i got my pregancy treatments education) an Energy Teacher of *Svensk Energiskola and an Internationally certified to 3D microblading eyebrow Tattoo Master by *Nordic Brows and Diplomated as the first proffesional Dreadlocks Stylist in our city by *Seienstyle .

I decided to collect all the things i love and blended my own new concept of natural, hair and body care.

My main focus as a therapist will be PREGNANCY MASSAGE and HOT STONES mostly because i love giving and recieving but also for the incledible natural benefits of mineral therapy when mixed with MASSAGE THERAPY. Truly, my all times favorite for the cold swedish winter.

I will be working and selling, Organic products by MARIA Ã…KERBERG .

Healing wise, I will really stick to short sessions of REIKI and SOUND HEALING

When it comes to styling, I will focus on DREADLOCKS (The sporadic Rave and Video Shoot make up might come up in the future)

I still don't choose a Tattoo studio to work with micropigmentation and micoblading, but that will come up shortly.

AH! MY CLASES!! of course i will be ofering clases! and i will be adding them soon and as usual, you can find me guiding study groups every other Wednesday at Mama Killa

I hope you enjoy recieving my services as much as i do giving them to you!


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There's a Natural Mystic

blowing through the air...

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From October i will be working monday to Thursday in my own project with Natural Mystic of Sweden,

but on weekends i will be exclusively working at certain Spas of the chain Nordic Choice.

Follow my therapist page Daniela Fernanda Campanela, for updates reggarding locations.

Every other Wednesday we will be guiding Meditations at Mamma Killa